Bermuda Reserve Police Career Profile: Constable James Welch

Fri, 2021-08-06

Bermuda Reserve Police (BRP) Career Profile

Civilian Life - Name: James Leon Welch, Jr. BA, M.Ed

Age: 55.

Profession (Day Job): Standards and Enforcement Officer.

Where do you work: Department of Workforce Development, Government of Bermuda.

Why this profession: I never dreamt of being in this profession. My heart has always been in Parks and Recreation, however, I have always used my transferable skills to maintain meaningful employment. This position became available for the first time in 2006 and owing to the skill set that I presented, I became the successful applicant. Having said this, I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

What training did you take for this job (college, specialist training, degrees etc.): Attending college and attaining my undergraduate degree laid the foundation for the skills required to fill this position, however, I believe it was the skills that I developed in graduate school in addition to those that I learned while serving as a Police Constable with the Bermuda Police Service (PC 845) that brought everything into alignment.

Describe a typical day at work: No two days are ever the same. I am responsible for overseeing the National Certification process for trades and industry. Working with Occupation Standards, apprenticeships and National Certification are all a part of a normal day for me. Part of my job function is to provide secretarial support to the Department’s Occupational Advisory Committees and provide technical assistance to the Permanent Secretary, Attorney General and Training Manager as required with respect to the enforcement of related Acts. I am also responsible for liaising with industry representatives internationally to research, develop, and maintain National Industry Standards for training and certification in trades and occupations, and for providing recommendations to the Occupational Advisory Committees. I also work directly with our industry partners locally regarding compliance and enforcement matters related to apprenticeships, trades and other occupations.

Hobbies/Favourite Pastimes: To date I have owned two boats and find that there is nothing more relaxing than cruising the coastline of Bermuda. I also enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

Bermuda Reserve Police

Rank: PC

Number: 1519

Length of Service: 9 years.

Current posting: Staff Officer to the Commandant.

Motivation for joining the Bermuda Reserve Police: I spent nearly 5 years as a full-time Police Constable with the Bermuda Police Service and loved the job; my only reason for leaving was to pursue my dream of working in Parks and Recreation. After being in the wilderness for 12 years and missing the joys of policing, I made an application to join the Bermuda Reserve Police.

Operational Experience and comments since joining the BRP: I have been non-operational since joining the BRP and have spent most of my time occupying the post of Staff Officer to the Commandant. I have given service under three successive Commandants. I have conducted a needs assessment for the BRP, coordinated annual retreats and written reports for the same. Although non-operational, I have performed duty in COMOPS, am authorization to drive police cars and trucks and hold a Marine Engine Driver’s License for both Gas and Diesel. I have also served as a Peer Support Officer with the BPS Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team.

Is there an area of policing where you feel that your civilian training can be put to use? I believe that I am serving in the best possible way as the Staff Officer to the Commandant. My primary role is to provide administrative support to the Commandant and the Senior Leadership Team. Acting in this capacity means calling on all of my training, both from my civilian position and from that gained while serving as a full-time Police Constable. I have carried the responsibility of being a full-time Police Constable and also at the managerial level in the Civil Service; I am fully aware of the expectations that go along with being a member of the service and have the skill set that supports my current function.

Hopes and Dreams (Ambitions) in the BRP: I would like assist this administration in the rebuilding of the Bermuda Reserve Police to the established strength. I remember the old days when members of the BRP stood toe-to-toe and side-by-side with the career officers and the BRP could literally “take over” for a day. I would also like to do my part to increase the level of commitment that our officers have toward training, operational duties and being part of the Bermuda Police Service proper.