Renewed Appeal for Information: Suspicious Death of Jevon Daniels

Wed, 2017-04-12

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith (Serious Crime Unit) - On the 16th May 2016, Jevon Reid Daniels was 35 years old at the time he went missing.

Jevon's disappearance was brought to the attention of the police on the 21st May 2016, and a police investigation commenced into his disappearance which was and still is suspicious.

On Friday 17th June 2016, Jevon Daniels' body was found in bushes off of Ireland Island sports field commonly known as "Moresby Plain".

Jevon's body was wrapped in cloth and his hands and feet bound. The persons responsible for Jevon Daniels' disappearance went through great lengths to conceal and dispose of his body.

The person(s) responsible for his disappearance would have to drive his body to this area and it is the beliefs of the investigating team that more than one person was involved in his death and the disposal of his body.

The circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious and there is an active suspicious death investigation underway. To date three males have been arrested in connection with Jevon's death; interviewed and released from police custody pending further enquiries.

We are renewing our appeal to members of the public to help bridge the gap in this investigation and bring to justice those responsible for causing the death of Jevon Daniels; his concealment and disposal of his body.

Any information that you have on Jevon Daniels' disappearance will be treated with the strictest of confidence and all investigative lines of enquiry followed.

Anyone with any information is asked to make contact with me, Detective Sergeant Jason Smith, at 441-717-0864 or by e-mail at

Alternatively, persons with relevant information can also contact the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.