Speeders Beware

Thu, 2005-07-07

As a result of the high numbers of individuals that have been caught speeding, court dates for the relevant offences have been set as far back as mid September. In response to this, Her Majesty's Courts (HMC) and the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) have started a "fast tracking system" for speeders above 80 km/h.

This simply means motorists caught traveling above 80 km/h will be put before the courts within a two week period to ensure that their matters are processed quickly. This will result in individuals who are convicted being taken off the road sooner rather than later.

The process started this week with three offenders reported last Saturday night/Sunday morning appearing in Thursday morning's Plea Court (July 7, 2005). One of those individuals was disqualified after pleading guilty to riding at 81 km/h; therefore it was five days from the offence committed to conviction. The other two individuals pled not guilty; however, their trial dates were set for next Thursday (July 14, 2005) and Friday (July 15, 2005) respectively. This means that if convicted, it will be less than two weeks between the offence and conviction.

This should serve as a warning to the motoring public that they can no longer delay "the wheels of justice" after they have been reported for high speeds. They will no longer have the luxury of driving or riding for a few extra months before appearing in court to answer to the offence of speeding.