Investigation Regarding the Fatal Shooting of Diante Trimm

Monday, 10th June 2024: Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels – "Good afternoon members of the media.
Before Chief Inspector Burns provides the investigative update regarding last Friday morning's tragic murder, I wish to say a few words.
I wish to begin by giving sincere condolences to the family of 37 year old Diante Trimm, who was shot and killed at approximately 12.35am Friday morning inside of her residence on South Terrace in Pembroke Parish.
Although some in our community may surmise that this was the first firearms murder of 2024, 1 firearm incident is too many!
Particularly when we consider that Miss Trimm was a young woman, killed in the prime of her life, she is a mother who leaves to mourn 5 children and was callously shot and killed inside of her private residence.
A place where all of us should feel safe and secure.
Information received by police thus far suggests that this was a targeted attack.
Tragically, this is the 9th female to be murdered in Bermuda since 2008, and the second since 2020 killed with the use of a firearm.
Before I hand over to CI Burns, I take this opportunity to thank all of those witnesses who have come forward thus far. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of those who know something, please speak with police regardless of how unimportant you believe it to be."
Watch the full press conference.

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